RTV 160 product notification

RTV 160 product notification


Specification limits changed for the next grades:

Momentive Part #64639 - RTV 160 - cartg (310ml - 323g)
Momentive Part #9374 - RTV160 12C-Crtrg (0.740LBS-0.336KG)
Momentive Part #62517 - RTV 160 - pail (20l - 18.16kg)


This change will be effective in 30 days. One batch of material (batch 18HWFA019) with elongation and tensile results less than 200 will be released after the notification period ends. The upper spec limit for elongation and tensile has been removed. Results greater than or equal to the lower limit are approved.

With exception of this change, the grades listed above will be manufactured using the same material inputs, from the same sources of supply, according to the same base formulations, in the same production location and equipment, and will continue to meet all other current test specifications reported in our certificate of analysis.