Health, Safety and Environment




Health, Safety and Environment

Welcome on our Health, Safety and Environment page. We find it important to inform our customers, in its best possible way, about the risks regarding health and environment when working with one of the many products in our portfolio. In addition we also want to make sure we provide you with the correct precautionary measurements to create a safe workplace. Our Product Safety Specialist (HSE) has completed the course Certified Chemical Safety Expert and is registered as so on and can help you with your questions regarding Health, Safety and Environment.

You can send an e-mail to when you have questions about:

  • SDS Safety Data Sheet(s).
  • SVHC Substances of Very High Concern (ECHA).
  • CLP Classification, Labelling and Packaging.
  • GHS Global Harmonized System.
  • (p)ZZS (potentiële) Zeer zorgwekkende stoffen (Dutch).
  • Chemical Safety, better known as the precautionary statements.
  • Exposure limits not appointed in the SDS.
    • Legal vs Private exposure limits.

Our goal is to respond to your e-mail within an acceptable time frame.

Our Objectives


We at Secoa BV. believe that personal health is one of the most valuable assets that a human possesses. Our goal is to inform professional workers as good as we can about the health risks when working with one of the many products we have in our portfolio. On request we will have a safety data sheet (SDS) for you available. You can make your request by sending a e-mail to:

For all of our products are SDS’s available in the English language. Most other languages can be provided on request within an acceptable time frame.


By providing a SDS document we will try to inform you as good as possible about the right precautionary measurements that are necessary to create a safe workplace for professional workers when working the product.

Even though we use several different resources to inform you about the right precaution measurements, we also do realize that you may have questions about those same precaution measurements. If something is unclear or you need more clarification about one or more suggested measurements, please do contact us.


Keeping an eye out on and taking care of the environment is part of any company now a days. We at Secoa BV. want to inform you as good as possible about the right way to dispose the remaining waste of the product you have purchased. Within the European Union there are several guidelines that are leading for the right way for disposing of product waste.

Are you located within the European Union we will provide an EURAL-code in the SDS that is applicable for the product. In some specific cases we can also provide the Hazard-Properties code (HP-code) derived from the ECHA Waste Framework Directive 2018/851/EU.

In some specific cases ECHA and the industries believe that additional information about a chemical or substance needs to be addressed for professional workers to create more awareness. At Secoa BV. We find it important that we share that information with you, our customer. If we believe that new information about a chemical or substance needs to be shared through a bulletin or letter it will be shared on our website and if necessary directly with you.