Cleaners & Application Tools

Our extensive product range includes air dusters, fresheners and contact cleaners, plus a selection of degreasers, detergents, solvent cleaners, thixotropic gels, ultrasonic cleaners, skywipes and disinfectants. A small range of our products are shown below. Please contact us if you can't find your product. Our sales rep is happy to serve you with the product that you need.

Elixair - Skywipes


SkyWipes™ by Elixair are non-hazardous, water-based surface cleaning wipes for the effective removal of wet and semi-cured Polysulphide, Polythioether, Polyurethane, RTV and Silicone sealant residues as well as greases, oils and other general surface contaminants. Each wipe is impregnated with SkyWash by Elixair offering a low odour, low VOC and non-flammable cleaning method, ensuring increased worker safety and environmental responsibility. Available in a range of cloth weights for different applications, these quality low lint wipes are effective on most common surfaces found in the Aerospace manufacturing and maintenance sectors.

Socomore - DS 108


DS-108 is a solvent for precision cleaning in the aerospace industry.  DS-108 is a very effective cleaner on a wide range of soils including hydrocarbon soils, adhesives, epoxies, sealants, inks, dyes and common shop contaminants.  DS-108 evaporates quickly at room temperature leaving a perfectly clean surface ready for painting, coating, bonding, sealing or final assembly.
DS-108 is also used in the electronics industry for flux removal, the automotive industry, vinyl window manufacturing, screen-printing, check printing equipment, weapons cleaning and graffiti removal.

  • Excellent cleaning effectiveness 
  • Dries quickly and leaves no residue
  • Low toxicity (U.S. Army Surgeon General Toxicity Clearance)
  • Bio-based renewable resource. It has been approved for inclusion in the Federal Biobased Preferred Procurement Program (FB4P).
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Non-corrosive
  • No Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP)
  • EPA SNAP approved
  • Aerospace NESHAP compliant


DS-108 was one of the first bio-based solvent blends. 

Zok - Zok 27


A concentrated, neutral,
environmentally friendly,
biodegradable, waterbased
detergent cleaning
fluid for cleaning and corrosion inhibition
of gas turbine compressors.

ZOK is an international brand used
to clean all types of gas turbine
compressors from small helicopters
to the largest power generating
engines. ZOK products are
approved by almost every major
gas compressor manufacturer and
users of gas turbines.

Zok 27


Effective precision cleaner.
CRC Contact Cleaner is a high purity, effective precision cleaning solvent designed to meet today’s environmental challenges. Based on fast drying naphthenic solvents without chlorinated, alcohol or glycol ether components.
CRC Contact Cleaner improves the performance and reliability of electrical/electronic equipment by cleaning contacts and components quickly and effectively. Prevents contact failures or malfunctions by dissolving and/or rinsing away contaminants, which holds moisture and causes corrosion or arcing.




• Non-flammable
• No ozone depletion potential
• Fast evaporating, no residue
• Quick penetration
• Ideal for electrical/electronic
fine parts
• Removes light greases, oils, dirt and
organic soils
• Non-conductive
• Safe on plastics
• Does not contain HCFCs
• Conforms to CARB (California Air
Resources Board), OTC (Ozone
Transport Commission) and
LADCO (Lake Michigan Air
Directors Consortium)

McGean - Cee Bee A6 & B6 & B55


CEE-BEE BRIGHTENER B-55 is a thickened, acidic, heavy duty oxidation remover
and aluminum conditioner

CEE-BEE BRIGHTENER B-6 is a thickened, acidic, heavy duty corrosion remover
and brightener for aluminum.

CEE-BEE A-6 Temporary protective coating

Cee Bee
Magnaflux - SKC-S


SKC-S cleaner / remover is a clear colourless flammable solvent used as a general pre-cleaner and
penetrant remover. SKC-S is ideal for situations where chlorinated solvents are undesirable or prohibited.
Its unique composition allows use on a wide range of substrates to remove oils, greases and other

Skc S
Polish Commandant


No description available

Commandant 4 Polijstpasta
Blue Gold Cleaner


Blue Gold is highly concentrated and can be used at various dilution ratios based on the amount of contamination, saving you from unnecessary waste. Blue Gold has an indefinite shelf life and at the recommended dilution ratio of 5% is about 44 cents per use gallon. In performance tests Blue Gold's tank life was four times greater than the products it was tested against.

Blue Gold helps to keep the equipment clean and corrosion free, eliminating lime and particle build-up on heating coils. Since Blue Gold does not react with the oils it removes, the product can be recycled again and again through filtration systems with little or no loss in efficiency. Blue Gold disperses oils so there is no sludge build-up. When the agitation system is turned off, oils rise to the surface and can be easily removed, while particulate matter settles to the bottom leaving the solution clean and virtually new.

Blue Gold
Chemtrend - Chemlease 75 EZ


Chemlease® 75 EZ is a unique semi-permanent mold release
system developed specifically for the composites industry, for use
where a high quality finish is required.  

Chemlease 75
Rochem - Membrane Cleaner D


Rochem Membrane Cleaner D is an acid product for storage of RO installations to keep the system in perfect order. Soil is kept in suspension. It also controls biofouling during a period of interrupted use of membrane systems. The solution has to be exchanged at least once per month.

Rochem Membrane Cleaner D
Kyzen - Cybersolv C3400


Cybersolv® C3400 is a solvent blend designed to remove all raw solder pastes in stencil cleaning applications while remaining compatible with materials commonly used in stencil construction. Easy to use, C3400 is used as received and at ambient temperature.

Cybersolv C3400
Special Care Polish 2


Special care Polish 2 is a combination of mineral abrasives in a mixture of water and aliphatic hydrocarbons with an aromatics content of less than 5%. Special care Polish 2 is used to eliminate slight surface scratches. Special care Polish 2 is used as a finishing agent after polishing with Special care Polish 1.

Special Care Polish 2
Special Care Polish 1


Special care Polish 1 is a mixture of mineral abrasives and saps in aliphatic hydrocarbons with an aromatics content of less than 5%.

Special care 1 eliminates slight surface scratches and restores all the original shine and transparency of Altuglas®.

Special Care Polish 1
Karcher FloorPro RM776


RM 776 wheel marks and rubber dust cleaner, NTA free, 10 liter
Highly active special cleaning agent for lifting rubber dust and wheel marks caused by industrial trucks. Also powerful in removing heavy oil and soot soiling as well as polymer and wax coatings. Adhesive tape residue is efficiently removed. NTA free.

Karcher Floor Pro
CeBe Anti Static Carpet Spray


Applications: Post-treatment for carpets and other textiles - synthetic or natural fibres (except silk) - against static discharge. By ways of an integration of small colloidal metal particles into this product, it was possible to obtain an anti-static effect for up to 6 months. The small particles adsorb into the fibre pores and achieve an effective anti-static effect in this manner. In addition the product has soil-repellent properties. Anti-Static Carpet Spray is diluted 1:2 with water. This solution is sprayed evenly onto the carpet. One litre of solution, depending on the fibre density, is enough for approximately 10 square metres.

Ce Be Anti Static Carpet Spray
MS 757 Vertrel Cleaning Agent


MS-755 and MS-757 Vertrel SMT HD Solvent Flux Remover contains Vertrel XF hydrofluorocarbon with trans-1,2-dichloroethylene and methanol with a stabilizer. MS-755 and MS-757 have high solvency power, which means increased aggressiveness, for cleaning ionic salts and organic flux residues from electronic assemblies. It is also effective in removing heavy industrial soils, such as mineral oil, vacuum oil, wax and heavy grease. It replaces n-PB and HCFC 225 in many applications.

Ms Vertrel Smt Cleaning Agent Ms 757
MicroCare - Flux Remover


ProClean™ EU is a mild circuit cleaner made from a unique blend of pure alcohols. Available only in Europe, ProClean EU is a special blend of this best-seller that uses a new propellant for reduced global warming impact.

Micro Care Flux Remover