Supply Chain Services

Capability Outline & Core activities

1.Provision of Logistics and Supply Chain Services

Procurement / Scheduling:
We are specialized in purchasing, scheduling, the storage and supply of Sealants, Coatings, Adhesives, Silicones, Application Tools, Tapes, Lubricants and Specialties to support the aerospace industry across the world.

Temperature Controlled Storage:
We offer a range of temperature controlled storage options in our warehouse facility to cater for specific material requirements.

Receipt Inspection / Delivery of Compliant Material:
We receive and inspect materials in accordance with the relevant material specification. Once receipt has been achieved the conforming material is then received and put into stock. We deliver compliant material to provide line-side support across multiple customer drop points and locations.

All of our staff is IATA and ADR trained, which allows us to provide Dangerous Goods Packing Delivery service which meets aviation authority standards. All of our dangerous goods packing takes place within our secure warehouse facility. Secoa is officially registered as a known shipper.

Chemical knowledge. Repackaging capabilities. Shelf life Inventory Management. MSDS Management. Chemical usage and correct waste disposal. Hazardous Material Management.

Document Management:
Preparing responses to mandatory and voluntary survey questionnaires. Document retention. Inventory Management.

Experience, Knowledge and Resources

2.Committed to high service

At Secoa we are committed to managing and harmonizing its resources and capacity to ensure the service and material demands of our customers are fulfilled in a proper, timely and professional manner.

Collaborative Planning and Inventory Forecasting:
We hold a database of all materials and their respective properties and requirements. Secoa utilizes ERP software to enable accurate planning and inventory forecasting.

Consumption based planning:
We use historical data to ensure that fluctuations in demand are understood and managed efficiently.

Establishing optimum reorder levels:
We utilize our ERP software to cater for current and future consumption demands.

Determining and maintaining min/max levels:
To avoid over stock / stock-outs we utilize management tools in conjunction with program rate information to underpin our ability to compare consumption relative to customer requirements.

Data accuracy:
We maintain complete and accurate records and system databases relating to all aspects of our obligation as a supplier.

In- and outbound transportation:
We are responsible for the day-to-day coordination and management of customer’s designated inbound transportation service.

Completion of customs formalities:
We possess current knowledge of all customs formalities and associated International trade regulations and will work with customers and vendors to ensure compliance with all relevant customs and International trade regulations. We will work with customers and vendors to ensure that all relevant customs imports and export declarations are submitted, regardless of jurisdiction, to ensure timely movement of all materials. We will maintain records (both paper based and electronic) and provide full assistance to satisfy and customs audit for the stipulated time period required by customs and International trade regulations.

Receiving activities:
Upon arrival at Secoa’s warehouse premises we will receipt and inspect all materials in accordance with the relevant material lot and specification and quality manual requirements as approved.

Visual Inspection and quality conformance:
We record any visual damage using photo images during or post the off-loading of the delivery vehicle, ensuring liability for damage is clearly noted and acknowledged by the carrier at the time of receipt.
As per best practice quality procedures we open each shipment and as part of the physical receipt process, verify conformance and accuracy in accordance with the purchase order including material part number, material supplied, quantities, missing/wrong documentation, damage to materials and or the condition of the packaging. Non-conforming receipts are placed in a designated quarantine area and await instructions. All non-conforming material is being logged in our quality portal and is defined by an 8D problem solution method.

Put away to bin locations in warehouse:
All products delivered to Secoa’s facility undergo a receipt inspection process. Upon completion of receipt inspection process, we will disposition materials for put away to storage.
Materials will be stored in appropriate temperature & humidity conditions. Documentary evidence of all inspection procedures & results will be provide.
We stock al conforming/serviceable materials immediately for frozen or time sensitive lived materials within a couple of hours of first receipt at our facility.
We put away all materials direct from dock and or quality inspection into a designated storage location, recording the material movements and identify the location where the materials have been placed into storage.

Shelf life management and out of life management:
We identify and place all out of life materials in an quarantine area. We coordinate the material back to the vendor or dispose of the material in a proper environmental way.

Material Safety Data Sheets Management:
Secoa provides a valid SDS for all products in order to satisfy Reach in accordance with customer requirements. We maintain an up to date SDS library.

Scale of service:
Our current service with all our customers as an existing approved supplier demonstrates our ability to operate and optimize customers logistics and supply chain requirements world-wide. Our experience of managing projects of our customer’s needs, as well as support to existing contracts illustrates our ability and capacity to meet and exceed evolving our customers’ demands.
We continuously seek to redefine and improve upon our service by developing service solutions and innovative ideas.

Environmental, Health and Safety considerations:
We ensure that all of our employees are fully trained without limitation in all aspects of their role, including health, safety and environmental procedures.

Digital Document Management:
Most of our documents contain barcodes. This enables us of a 100% traceability of all of our documents. All documents are stored within our ERP system in our Document Manager and they are accessible at any time.

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