Momentive - RTV 157

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RTV157 and RTV159 are one-component, ready-to-use, high strength silicone rubber adhesive sealants.
They cure to tough resilient silicone rubber on exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature.
RTV159 sealant also provides high temperature performance. Both of these products release acetic acid
vapors as a by-product of cure.
RTV157 and RTV159 sealants are paste consistency products which can be applied to horizontal, vertical
and overhead surfaces in applications requiring high strength and temperature performance.
Since these adhesive sealants utilize a moisture cure system, they must not be used in thicknesses of
greater than 6mm (1/4 in.). Where section depths exceed 6mm (1/4 in.), Momentive Performance Materials
one-component, addition cure or two-component silicone rubber compounds are suggested.
These sealants were not designed for and should not be used for applications intended for permanent
implantation into the human body.
Key Features and Benefits
High strength
High temperature performance
Low temperature flexibility
Room temperature cure
General primerless adhesion
Excellent electrical insulation properties
Excellent weatherability, ozone, and chemical resistance

Rtv 157